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  • Degolia Johnson LMSW, OWNER

    I have had a lifetime of experience. I am very compassionate and have a love for all. It is very important that my clients know that I support the individual’s choice. I will always try to guide and direct but the bottom line is what they think is best for them; this is how they learn and grow. I am a client-based therapist that uses CBT as well as other modalities to assist my clients along their path of self-discovery. I have worked in many service-related positions over the years. My favorite is my current position as a mental health counselor. I understand the referral process and love to research and link the clients to the resources that will benefit them in their quest for the best independent life possible. I see my role as helping clients and advocating and supporting them. I have no problem going the extra mile but I am very good at setting boundaries to maintain an appropriate professional relationship in such a way that the client feels supported and cared for. I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge and improve or hone my therapeutic skills. I love to learn new and different things that will help clients in their endeavors of a better independent life. I can also be very creative in trying to make things work. I can work with all individuals, it matters not their race, creed or color, religious beliefs, or what they have done in the past that has impacted their future i.e. sex offenders. It does not matter their lifestyle or sexual preference.


    Now ya all have a great and glorious day. Degolia M Johnson LMSW/therapist