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  • Being Me…

    I recently read an article on the power of sharing oneself with other’s. As a therapist I spend much more time listening and trying to help guide, provide, and educate clients through their own self discoveries. But on my time… I read a lot, I am always trying to learn and grow more. I study my religion and find peace through my trials by prayer and meditation. I play with my family, a favorite game we have is Yahtzee – but for some reason I never win! I take continuing education credits so that I am professionally renewed, find encouragement, and increase in knowledge. I garden, well really I water Hibiscus plants because that’s my favorite! I take a walk with the dogs, and feel the crisp fall against my face, laugh, and just breathe.

    At the end of September I had a hysterectomy; this is a pretty major surgery and took me away from all of things that I love to do the most. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks and I am slowly feeling more like myself, slowly starting to enjoy my days more. It was so difficult to stay in bed, deal with the pain, not serve my family and other’s. I often found myself in tears not knowing if I was sad or in pain. What I was is blah! I began to reminisce about my clients and what I would teach them during a trial like this. As I began to reuse these same tools, I began to feel better, actually healing faster.

    I as a counselor face trials very similar to my clients every day. I hurt, I cry, I laugh, I pray, and I continually move forward to overcome difficulty’s both of the world and inside myself.


    Felica Jo

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