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  • Hope

    As I sit in my office this morning admiring the light of of the sunshine fighting to break through the heavy layers of smoke. The color is bright almost a gray white hugh. I can’t help but compare this scene to that of society’s view of mental health. Knowledge of being the light and negative stigma being the smoke filled air. Completely capable of breaking through the smoke, completely capable of being understood.

    The opportunity before Degolia and I to increase knowledge for and support those that feel the stigma in the community around them brings light to my heart, like a gentle breeze the fear is constantly pushed away, and confidence fills the walls of this office. I feel hopeful in the day and the weeks ahead that support for this endeavor will continue, appointments with courage will continue to be set until every available spot is filled and more people are finding strength, and power to overcome.

    As we reach out to you, don’t be afraid… for no failure is final and together we can find the way.


    Felica Jo Duce, LPC


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