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  • Pain

    Have you ever stopped and listened to the world around you? It may sound something like this.

    “He is being so mean to me.” or “I am just sick of bad jokes, they aren’t funny.” or “I don’t like it.”

    Perhaps what we are really hearing is pain. The pains of everyday life, of not getting what we want, of people not doing what we want.  Our children making not just bad but terrible choices, our spouses not hearing the screams coming from our hearts. You know, the ones screaming “Please hear me, please notice me, just hold me.”

    Through study and research you will be able to find multiple literature stating that people don’t hurt you, they don’t say and do evil, mean and mundane things… oh no, it’s you wearing their problems or taking to much to personal. Well, I say hogwash damn it! When you love someone, it hurts. It just simply hurts.

    So how do we stop the pain, heal, move forward, and smile again? We focus on what we can do.  We can get up and take time for self-care. We can do a little something to let someone know you love them, for example a note in a lunch box, or that special 50 cent pie they like so much. We can take a deep breathe. We can look beautiful. We can volunteer. We can focus on what we know about ourselves to be true. That we are good and we are worth it and we will overcome, out grow, and continue on!

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