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  • Gratitude

    As I work with our clients and contemplate the changes within the community over the last few weeks, with the next few weeks being unknown. I sit and think how very grateful that I am.  I am grateful for the slowing down that I am witnessing. I am grateful for the positive thoughts I see through out social media. I am grateful for the sidewalk chalk and art that has accumulated in my neighborhood. I am grateful for the beauty all around me.

    Here at AAW there is so much gratitude flowing from each of the member’s. There is so much learning and preparing, service and heart going out to everyone. We are here, we are open, there are options and you are not alone during this time of uncertainty. There are options, and safety available. Take a deep breathe, open up your heart and your lungs to this glorious day, then take a step – just one. All is well.

    Felica Jo

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